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Ejemplo 2: Diálogo con fotos

Look at the pictures below. You work in an online magazine. You are trying to increase the number of readers and you have to choose the picture which best illustrates the places where people like to go on their winter holidays,

  • Choose one of the three pictures and justify your choice.
  • Discuss your choice with the examiner. He/she willl have a different opinion
  • Negotiate until you reach an agreement.

  • Student A: I think the best picture to call the attention of readers is the one in the middle because it's winter. It shows several skiers in a nice location in the mountains.
  • Student B/Examiner: I'm sorry but I don't agree with you. In the winter people like to think of places where it's warm. The first picture is the best one because it gives the reader the opportunity to daydream.
  • Student A: I'm afraid that isn't the best option because it isn't a realistic destination. I mean now, with the crisis, nobody can afford to go to the Caribbean in the middle of the winter.
  • Student B/Examiner: Precisely because of that the best option is the first picture. People love to daydream when they can't afford something.
  • Student A: But I've seen that there are a lot of skiers among our readers.
  • Student B/Examiner: How do you know that? Where did you get those numbers from?
  • Student A; Well, I don't have any numbers. It's just that I have seen our magazine in the hotel where I last went skiing and in a couple of ski shops where I get my own gear.
  • Student B/Examiner: I'm sorry to say this, but then the information is not relevant. You need to use statistics coming from our website.
  • Student A: Well, you have been working with this magazine for a long time so I suppose you know much better than I do.
  • Student B/Examiner: Well, I don't want to sound arrogant but that's right.
  • Student A: Then, the wisest thing to do is to put the picture of the people on the beach.
  • Student B/Examiner: We can put the picture of the skiers in our next reportage about the best ski resorts.
  • Student A: I totally agree with that.


Ahora, intenta tú preparar un dialógo utilizando lo aprendido en este post.

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