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Ejemplo 1: Diálogo sin foto. Situación imaginaria.


You are going to have a conversation with your partner about an imaginary situation for about 5 minutes.

Nota de Mónica. Por razones de espacio, los ejemplos de diálogos que ponemos en este post son de aproximadamente un minuto. Ten en cuenta que el diálogo del examen deberá durar al menos 5 minutos.

Remember it is a conversation so be participative and avoid very short answers.

If possible, try to reach an agreement at the end of the conversation.Nota: Fíjate bien en las instrucciones. Mira como en estas te piden que intentes llegar a un acuerdo.



You and your friend are planning to go out for dinner on Saturday night. You have found a restaurant you like:

PANCHO TEX, a restaurant whose specialty is Mexican food.

- It is located very close to your home.
- The average price per person is 50.
- It’s a cozy restaurant where many people from your neighbourhood go.
- You like spicy food.
- You have been working very hard and you'd like to go out and see people.

  • Student A: I think we could go to a Mexican restaurant. It's very near my house. Lots of my friends from my neighbourhood go there.
  • Student B/Examiner: How much does it cost?
  • Student A: Its about €50 per person.
  • Student B/Examiner: That's way too expensive. I would rather go to a Mediterranean restaurant that's in the city.
  • Student A: But that's too far away. We would have to drive there.
  • Student B/Examiner: But the restaurant I want to go to is a lot cheaper. Besides, I'm very sorry to say this, but I don't like spicy food. I know Mexican food is very spicy.
  • Student A: What a pity! I really like spicy food. But you can order dishes that aren't too spicy in a Mexican restaurant, for example, "burritos". If you don't add chili it's not spicy.
  • Student B/Examiner: It's seems like a good option, but I'm still not convinced because it's too expensive.
  • Student A: Don't worry, I'll pay.
  • Student B/Examiner: No, please, that's too much money.
  • Student A: Well, I have some savings so I can afford it.
  • Stundet B/Examiner: In that case, your choice seems much more attractive.
  • Student A: And of course, next time we can go to your favourite Mediterranean restaurant.

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